Sunday, April 12, 2015

After Tea Regroup

Every year for the last 5, I have worked on a Tea with a group of ladies from 5 other churches to benefit our local pregnancy center.  This year we chose a baby shower theme and 160 ladies brought baby shower gifts in addition to coming to the tea.  I don't have the final count after the opportunity tickets but I do know we made 3,200.00 on tea ticket sales and at least 1,000.00 in donated baby items from pacifiers to diaper bags.  The tea has been my focus for the last two weeks and now that it is done I can get back to sewing-well, I will after we get back from our Seattle trip.  We are taking a train this time and stopping in Eugene, OR to visit friends overnight then back on the train to Seattle.  We have never gotten a roomette before-emphasis on "ette" as it is smaller than our queensize bed.  It should be interesting.

My first series:

Squares trimmed to 2 1/2"

Squares trimmed to 2"
The third will be squares trimmed to 1 1/2" which respectively will finish at 2", 1 1/2", and 1".  After that I may be ready for a Sally Collins piece:)

Going to start this when I get back from Seattle for a class at the Crazy 9 Patch:

 Using this pile of fabric:
Lastly-first blooms:

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

I bought my Greg a train trip for his 70th.  He loves trains but we have never taken an overnight trip on one.  It was wonderful!  We hopped on at 7am in Oceanside, CA and ended up in Seattle, WA.
Greg and my feet  in our little roomette

between LA and Santa Barbara

Cali coast is awesome

Woke up to this-Mt Shasta area

Greg in the parlor car

Parlor car


Our roof view
Stopped overnight in Eugene to visit the Enquists and Johnsons who drove up from Medford

Columbia river

Washington somewhere

Add caption Washington sunset

Ava's 5th birthday

Future model's "workin' it"
 Went to El Camino quilt guild for a Mary Lou Weidman trunk show
New moose pattern

I just love her work!  Lastly, I finished my encrusted name tag-just looking for a mule to carry it-it is a little heavy but I liked making it.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Tiny Treasure

I meet once a month with a group called Tiny Treasures-not that we are tiny treasures but everything we make is on the small side.  This piece was supposed to be made with 5"squares and I cut them down to 3 1/2".  After putting in the stripe, I then cut it to 3" and it finished at 2 1/2"-so the 6x6 setting makes it 15"x15".  I also changed the positioning of the stripes-they were supposed to criss-cross but I changed them to go in one direction.  I like the finished piece.  Don't know if I will add a border or not yet.

Playing with 1.5" HST's-need to play some more.  6.5" unfinished

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sally Collins Workshop

Sally did a 2 day workshop for our guild and she was wonderful.  Even if you are not a fan of small scale, her techniques apply to all sizes.  Measure, Measure, Measure-I got it!  It really does make a difference.

The centers of these quilts are 7x7 inches.  Squares are 1/2 inch finished and the quilts are called "Circle of Stars"

This is 1/4' of the pattern done at 1" instead of 1/2" scale

Except for Susan who is using the 1/2 inch scale

Lots of thinking going on!

Really love the colors in this one-Cecelia's

Machelle had to change out all her fabrics-think she has a winner!

Sally sharing the importance of measuring after every seam.
 I didn't actually do the workshop, but I took lots of notes and can't wait to try her methods on a small piece.  Too many UFO's and too little time!

We have the line-up for next years workshops and I am excited:  Karen Brow, Norma Whaley, Catherine Wilson, Catherine Redford, David Taylor, Mary Lou Weidman and Pam Buda.  A good variety I think.  I met Catherine Redford at a mini retreat that I attended.  A cute little English lady with that awesome British Accent. After being charmed by her I found out : she teaches on criuses, will be teaching at Houston in October, has been raved about by Bonnie Hunter and has a new book out about using your walking foot in quilting.  She will be coming after Houston next Nov. and is really reasonable.  I signed her up for 3 classes as she has a large variety to choose from.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finished and hung at The Crazy 9 Patch

Both the double sized quilt and wall hanging/table topper flimsey hanging in the Crazy 9 Patch for the quilt run:

Now I am working on 2 projects-the first a wall hanging from the Tiny Treasures class:

There is a narrow border that goes around the middle block of squares
Secondly, I am working on the BOM class samples for a class that starts the end of April.  It will be a class in precision piecing as there are a lot of pieces in each 12 inch square.

I guess I have 3 projects going (at least)-this last one is from my art class:

An encrusted piece.  I decided to make a new name tag-it will be 4.5 square when done.

Back to work again for 3 weeks-I really love subbing.  I got to meet wit 8th graders today and talk about their futures.  They are so cute!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Back in a Groove!

I will commit to 30 min. sewing a day.  I just got 15 snowball blocks and 3 chevron blocks completed in 30 min. and now I have to run.  Helping 2 friends on 2 projects today and then home to finish cleaning for my sister and nephew's visit tomorrow.

Not ironed or trimmed to 3 1/2 yet- seams really do meet:)

I am taking a fiber arts class that meets every other Monday and our last 2 assignments were a Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde doll and an encrusted quilt.  My doll is done except the beaded hair:

My Responsible side

My dreaming side
My encrusted quilt is still in my head-better get moving on it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stepping Stones in the Garden Preview

I have been on a Sabbatical.  The short term, full-time job wiped me out.  I have 2 days of subbing this week and then I think I may be done for awhile.  There is some stirring in the district about a new school venture and I was asked to be aware that there may be a need for some consulting work in the near future so I want to get as many of my projects done as possible.

I just got SSitG back from the binder.  My first green quilt.  I love it!  The quilter, Dawnell Muelke did a wonderful job and so did the binder, Marilyn Hersey.  It will go up in the shop in March and I will get a picture of it on the wall.

SSitG is an Irish Chain with a strip pieced border.  There are only 2 blocks: a double 4 patch and a 4 patch triangle added to a strip pieced triangle.  This ended up to be a full size quilt-didn't realize it was so big until all the blocks were done
My husband turned 70 this last weekend.  He does not look his age.  We went to a play, had 14 people in to play games and share Chinese food, had breakfast with some best friends and took him out to dinner last night-surf and turf.  I also made him this cake on Saturday and booked a train trip to Seattle as a surprise for him.  He was well birthdayed.

Chocolate cake, raspberry cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache (sp?) with a dark chocolate ribbon around the outside.  It was really good!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Class Prep for Stepping Stones in the Garden at Crazy 9 Patch April 18

Part 1
To be done before class if possible:)

 Stepping Stones in the Garden
Cutting instructions for double size (80"x96")
other sizes follow at the end 

This quilt can be totally scrappy or controlled scrappy.  For totally scrappy, you will need (160) 4.5" light squares and  (10) 2.5" WOF light fabrics and approximately 4 yards of dark 1.5" strips (WOF)

20 different lights and 20 different darks
Controlled scrappy:
20 different lights: cut as shown out of a fat quarter or .25 yd. each
1/4 yard (9"x42") will yield 4 Double 4 patch blocks (D4)and 2 double 4 patch triangles(T)

Fat quarter yields the same as the 1/4 yd but is easier to cut

Top to bottom is 18", left to right is 22.  Cut two strips off left at 4 1/2", then 1 strip at 5", then 2 (or 3) at 2 1/2

Cross cut first two strips at 4 1/2, second strip at 5" and 2 1/2", and leave rest of fabric at 2 1/2"strips

Cut the (2) 5" squares into triangles
(20) 2.5" strips for center blocks and (50) 1.5" strips for Stripe border

20 different darks: cut a 2.5 strip off of each for center blocks and another (50) 1.5 " strips off the darks for  striped  border. (I used more strips of the darker of my darks for sharp contrast.)


Stack pieces in 2 piles: 4 triangles and (4) 2 1/2" squares each for your 20,  4 patch triangles and (8) 4 1/2" squares with a  neutral  2 1/2" strip and 1 dark 2 1/2" strip from your stack of 20 for 80 blocks.
You will need (2) 2 1/2" dark squares for each of the 20 triangles, but we will cut those later as you might have scraps left but keep that in mind.

 If you have the above done before class, you will be able to get a lot done in class.  The quilt is made up of 3 components: Double four patch blocks, 4 patch triangles and striped triangles.

Bertha approves of the color choices

If you have time, and want to be further ahead, sew 1 Dark 2 1/2" strip from 20 strip stack to light strips from one cut set (butting lights along the dark to fill it.  Press toward dark.  Cut into 2 1/2 segments-you need 16.  Stack with the (8) 4 1/2" squares. Do this for each set=20 sets ready to sew.


For Wall or Table Topper: 48" sq

You need 16 double 4 patch blocks and 20 striped/ 4 patch triangle blocks.  Layout is 6x6

4  fat quarters or 1/4  yard lights and 6 different darks  (1) 2 1/2" strip off each dark and (4) 1 1/2 " strips off each dark ( 1/4 yd of each dark-WOF)

Backing 3yds, batting 54x54

For Twin/Lap: 64x80"

You need 48 double 4 patch blocks and 32 striped/ 4 patch triangle blocks.  Layout is 8x10

12 fat quarters or 1/4 yd assorted lights and 12 different 1/4 yd darks (WOF). Cut lights as shown above.  Cut (1) 2 1/2" strip from each of the darks.  Cut (4) 1 1/2" strips off of each dark

Backing 4 7/8, batting 70x86

See you in class on April 18th, 10:30-3:30 at the Crazy 9 Patch! I am providing a large salad and a baguette and maybe something chocolate.