Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Allietare Finished

Finally got the last border on and backing pieced to send to the quilter on Friday.

The border and the backing are both made out of a black and white Paris inspired fabric.  The friend that will receive it traveled with me to Paris and London 8 years ago for our birthdays.  I will definitely make this pattern again-just love it.  i didn't make the full size quilt-this was big enough for me:)

To see all the different interpretations of this awesome pattern from Bonnie Hunter go to   http://bit.ly/1NLMjtN

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Road to California and another prayer quilt

My hubby, my dog and I went to Quartzsite for 5 days.  While we were there I got news that my good friend, Jackie was in a serious accident while on vacation in Vermont.  She will be recovering for months so I am starting a prayer quilt for her.  I plan to get the borders on Allietare this week and send it to the quilter, then I will work in earnest on Jackie's quilt.

Road to California was wonderful.  Had such a good time with my good friend, Lisa.  Beautiful, beautiful Quilts.

These were in the hall as we entered-there must be a pattern or a class as they were all similar-loved the bottom ones especially.

This one best of show and rightly so.  It was stunning and I couldn't even start to think about how it was done.

This was a Kaffee Fasset booth.  I love the Rainbow Stripe quilt.  I have been collecting his stripes-better see how many more I need to make it!

Think I wish I had bought the throw kit:{

Always looking for heart quilts because of Greg's heart transplant-this would be an easy one-appliqued hearts and 4 patches.

Another simple yet striking quilt done in Kaffe Fassett materials-need to start using the rather large collection that I have of his fabrics.

Just very lovely, precise work
This was just beautiful.  It was a group project but an individual could get the same effect by using different techniques or have 5 people do 1 flimsy each, cut into 1/5ths and share so that each participant ends up with something like this-that would be fun!

I took pictures of this amazing quilt from 3 angles-this one was almost straight on.  Even the frame is fabric.  My favorite piece in the show

Friday, January 8, 2016

Allietare Flimsy

I can't believe I finished this so quickly.  I have about 10 quilts in process at any given time so It takes me awhile to get a finish.  However, I couldn't stop working on this one.  Love the pattern and will definitely do it again-probably in Christmas colors.

I still have to add the already cut gold skinny border and black scalloped border-but the hard part is done!

Gold and black borders and backing

Monday, January 4, 2016

Allietare Reveal

New Year's brought the Bonnie Hunter MQ reveal and I have to say, it is the prettiest so far.  I am amazed that some ladies have finished their full sized quilts.  I didn't know exactly how many pieces I would need so I made 1/2 as we went along and needed to make several more of each one.  Yesterday I got all pieces cut out and most units made that were needed and was able to start sewing the blocks together.  I really like this quilt and plan to make it again.

I am subbing the next 3 days so will have to leave it where it is right now.

To see what everyone else is doing click http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2016/01/mystery-monday-link-up-reveal.html

Monday, December 28, 2015

Alietare Update

We had a lovely Christmas.  We had already visited our grandgirls and son/DIL mid December so the two weeks before Christmas were spent making and delivering Deviled eggs to Greg's doctors and coordinating the blessing for the staff at our church then Christmas eve day we went to the Moby Dick movie and to church Christmas Eve.  The day of Christmas we FT with the kids, took out Christmas lunch bags for some of the homeless in our community then Greg played with his trains and watched old Christmas themed sitcoms while I sewed.  Just thoroughly enjoyed the day and the reason for it.

I am a little behind with Allietare, I have clues #1,2,3 done but only have 1/2 of #4 and a few of   #5.  Right now I am trying to finish Pies and Tarts which I have worked on incrementally over the last 3 years.  I have all the circles done (English paper piecing) and have all the large ones appliqued to the neutral squares.  Today I started sewing the rows together (I had done 3 already) and gluing on the small tarts on the intersections  of the neutral squares. I can start to applique tonight as i watch tv.  i am seeing an end in sight.  Allietare has become a leader and ender to Pies and Tarts.

Getting lots of help from Bertha.  You can see Celtic Solstice peeking out from under Pies and Tarts

All of large pieces done but only 6 or 8 of the others done.  I have substituted green for gray in my version
You can see how others are doing on Bonnie Hunter's Blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bionic Gear Bags

I love these bags!  You can download the pattern on Craftsy or you can pay $100.00 plus on Etsy and buy one.  They take 12 plus hours of sewing so 100 dollars is about $8.00 an hour-so 100 dollars doesn't sound so bad after doing one.  However-they were super fun and the You Tube videos take you step by step through the process.

My DIL's is on the left.  I made hers for a travel cosmetic bag as she doesn't sew.

 The one on the right was made out of selvages on the cover and filled with everything I need for sewing.  4 zipped pockets and the spaces in between holds EVERYTHING. 
These are wonderfully designed and I plan to make several for Christmas next year-but I am starting in January!

I won't be able to do the mystery clue until I get back on Tuesday, but I am caught up with the first two. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Allietare Clue #2

We are leaving for Seattle on Friday for a few days to celebrate Christmas with our grandgirls and our son and daughter in love.  I still have a bionic bag to make for Regan, but clue #2 is done!

It was a busy weekend with a leadership dinner Friday night, a Christmas play Saturday afternoon and evening and Church on Sunday-but I got them done!  I am doing 1/2 so maybe not entirely done, but done for now!  Now on to finish my Bionic Bag and start Regan's!

To see what others are doing, go HERE. The color that Bonnie chose for the wings on the flying geese was grey.  I am hoping my choice of sage greens doesn't make it a Christmas quilt.  Clue 2 sure look like Santa hats-we'll see!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mug Rugs for Christmas

I really like my DIL's family, so I try to get them each a little something for Christmas.  She has 3 siblings and a BIL.  This year I found monogrammed mugs at Joannes (60% off) and thought I would make a mug rug for each.  I finally started using some of my boxes of stash strings-YES!

Just a couple of coffee cards and make a bionic bag for my DIL and I am done with the presents I need for the Seattle family.  Utah family's presents were delivered on Thanksgiving.  My goal is to have everything bought, wrapped and decorated by this time next week.  I am close!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Allietare Mystery Quilt

I wasn't going to do the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt but the colors drew me in.  I am just going to do a half sized quilt so I need approximately 150 HST's.  We were in Utah for Thanksgiving so I just got home late Saturday night.  After church yesterday I cut out 90 and sewed 3.  I have substituted  soft sage greens for the grays.

Before I could start sewing the HST's, I needed to do some Christmas sewing, so I strip quilted 3 out of 6 mug rugs I need to make.  Just need to add the chosen bindings.

Hope everyone is getting their Christmas sewing done as well-unfortunately, I am just thinking about finishing the rest of the HST's by Friday when clue #2 comes out!   The fabrics I have chosen for this one is shown below-Happy Stitching!

Check out and see what others are doing: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2015/11/mystery-monday-link-up-allietare-part-1.html   It is only the beginning, so it is not too late to join in!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A prayer quilt for my friend

One of the other reasons I haven't kept up this blog was the loss of 3 friends starting last April.  A secretary in the counseling/admin office who I worked with for 11 years retired last December and died two days after getting food poisoning at a restaurant that served an Easter buffet. Toni was a lovely caring and compassionate woman who was the heart of our office. A month later, a colleague who I had worked with and knew well enough to have the occasional coffee together and work on special projects together, died in her sleep.  Sharon was in exceptional good health and watched her diet and exercise. Lastly, on July 3rd I lost a best friend of 40 years to cancer.  I started this prayer quilt thinking I had the 6-12 months the doctors had given her.  However, Donna was gone within a month and she only saw the quilt through Facetime.  I will be sending it to her youngest daughter.

It served its purpose in that I prayed for her the whole time I was working on it.

A double 4 patch block

Scriptures in the neutrals and fish and crosses in the quilting because my friend loved Jesus.

I think I have been in mourning and didn't recognize it for what it was. So glad to have the hope of seeing those that have the hope of eternal life again.