Monday, July 28, 2014

Last HSTeria submission

I started this quilt a year and a half ago.  Pat Speth did a Nickle Quilt workshop in El Cajon and this is Tillie's Treasure (I think).  I have renamed it Nickle Lavender Sky and I have been working on it a little this week but am taking it Sunday on the quilt retreat along with the baby quilt that is cut out and not put together.  Click on the HST button to the right to see what others are doing.  I plan to finish it at the retreat.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

. . .and More Flowers

It really is like watching a garden grow

Friday, July 25, 2014

More Flowers

I cut out 5 more to sew today at Paradise Sewing. that will be 10 down and 4 to go. Wish the colors showed better in the photo-just much more vibrant in person.

One more large to sew, five medium and 5 small.  The small ones will take no time. I need to have the top done by the 11th.  Ordered 6 yds of purple batik that will be here Tues.  Hancock is having a Batik sale.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Travel Thursday Tip 3: Organizing your Luggage for Travel

How do you get everything you need into a 21" carry on for a 2 to 3 week trip?  After doing tip 1 and 2, lay out what you have.  I put my suitcase on the guest room bed 2 weeks before I am leaving on a big trip.  On my quick trips to Seattle 4 or 5 times a year I pack the night before because I go so much it isn't hard to throw in the things I need.

I have used the compression bags and they are great-they keep clothes organized, compressed and helps minimize wrinkles.  I use three: one for pants, one for blouses and one for sweaters etc..  I also like the cube mess bags to help with organization.  I used 2 on my last trip to Eastern Europe.  In one I put individual bags of peanuts, crackers and cheese, snack size snickers, raisins and jerky.  Yes, I take food on our trips.  We eat a big breakfast in the hotel or B&B and then eat an early dinner at a pub or similar.  A package of cheese crackers and a purchased pot of tea (2.50) at an outdoor table facing a cathedral was just as special to me as a 7.50 lunch would be and the 5.00 per day savings is 100.00 worth of goodies I can bring home.  In the other bag I put all my undies.  The bags fold flat and take up no room when you empty (food) them.

I also take a large purselike bag that has several compartments that zip.  I put my purse in it and add maps, portable handwipes, IPad, medication, airline and accomodation emails, earplugs and earphones, very small first aid and mending kits and a couple of bags of peanuts.  When I get to my destination, I leave the bag in the room and just carry my purse which has an over shoulder strap and hangs under my right arm making it hard to steal.  My passport, credit cards and identification goes in an over the neck holder that goes under my blouse.

Bon Voyage!  God has made an amazing world for us-go see something wonderful!  We just returned from a short trip to the sierras-just beautiful!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Down, 11 to Go

This quilt has 14 small, medium and large flowers scattered across the surface. I am not sure that middle flower will work but I'll wait until I have the rest on the quilt-think this will take a week.  I am going to my first quilt retreat the first week in August and was going to take this quilt to work on.  Because of it's size, I think I will take a few smaller easier to work on projects and get this laid out before I go-better get movin . . 

Will still need to make middles-just want to get the placements done first-2 a day should get it done in a week:)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Finished the Canvas-Now to Paint the Flowers!

I have had my friend Jan come to visit the last two nights-but she is off during the day to visit a multitude of other friends so have had the chance to finish the background of this 70x88 quilt.

Heading out to quilt a vintage quilt top at Quilter's Paradise with my two friends, Jan and Patsey!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Progress

First 2 sections done!  Now, if the bottom dark value works, I will be happy happy!

Tomato worms=0, Elaine=8-YUK!
I have moved from tweezers to taking off the small section they are on-can't bring myself to touch them-Kay you are a gardening studette!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some Progress!

This has been more difficult than I thought it would be.  It isn't the sewing, it is the planning and color choices.  Would someone just stand over me and tell me which comes next?

The middle will be the largest section of medium toned fabrics
The problem with this kind of design as you go quilting is that I have no neat little piles of cut fabric to work from-I am pulling everything from my stash-what a mess!

Lots of thoughts crowding each other in my brain-what color flowers will go in this section?, Will this print be too busy behind the flowers?, am I being too conservative?, How do I move gracefully from color to color? can I go from light blue to dark purple (or should it be green) in one quilt?, when will you finish the baby quilt you are supposed to be working on?  I want to have the back done before the quilt retreat at the first of August so I can finish the top during the retreat.

On another note-I hate tomato worms-pulled 2 off with tweezers yesterday-yuk!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

So, the class on Harley Cow only had 3 sign-ups. Rats.  Lots of admiring of the quilt, but people were scared.  So, went down to the shop last night and talked to the owner about another proposal,"Last Blooms of Summer"  Which will fill in one of the dates I already had for Harley and one more.  She liked the concept and now I am sprinting to get it done.

Kathy Doughty's Garden Party out of her book, "Making Quilts"
My version of the quilt will be called "Last Blooms of Summer" because it will be in Sept.  Also, the background won't be quite as busy-but the flowers will.

This is a large 70x88-almost done with the light strata

Flower colors-there will be more orange and the background will fade to greens browns and dark purples
I have always loved that quilt and wanted to do it so, it just moved up the line!  the point is that I want to teach and if the peeps need a pattern, they shall have one.  I can practice ambiguity at home:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Piecing Finished!

I finished piecing, "Lizzy" last night at the Tiny Treasures class.  It is probably the most accurate piecing I have done ever.  Didn't lose many points and most seams lined up.


I plan to finish the details to her face today and then take her to the quilt shop to hopefully hand to off to Tracy Potter for quilting.  I am going to enter her in the SD Quilt Show and Road to California so want an expert job.  I don't quilt enough to be adequate let alone expert:)  Lizzy is waiting for an offering from my breakfast plate-as she sits at my feet her eyes are totally closed with head bobbing almost asleep on her feet.  I love this dog!